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Latest Welsh Factor News…….. Welsh Factor High School of Rock “n” Roll

Thank you for arriving at our website and the exciting new project we are launching. This is designed to give you more experience and in a number of areas such as stage production, marketing, publicity, promotion, performance, projecting your act, working as a team, sound management and a host of other exciting things that will prepare you for the professional arena.


This project is open to everyone who is involved in the Welsh Factor past and present so that you can gain experience and enjoy performing your talent away from the demands and pressure of a competition. The first stage of launching this project is to invite you to an audition at one of the following venues where we currently hold a Welsh Factor Open Talent Evening.

The Welsh Factor Main Audition Night

Tuesday 13th June

The Hi Tide Function Suite, Mackworth Drive, Porthcawl, CD36 5BT

The Welsh Factor Main Audition Night

Tuesday 27th June

Neath RFC Club, Gnoll Park Road, Neath, SA11 3BU

Our Open Talent Nights are as follows:

Every Wednesday:

The Cabin Bar, Eastern Promenade, Porthcawl CF36 5TS (Under Breeze Nightclub)


Every Friday:

Thomastown Social Club, Francis Street, Thomastown, Tonyrefail CF39 8DS


Every Sunday:

The Gremlin Club, 16 Guildhall Square, Carmarthen, SA31 1PR


Saturday 10 June:

Bar Red, 314, Old Road, Briton Ferry, Neath SA11 2ET


The times will be 7:30pm at all the venues where we will start the auditions. Your auditions will be arranged by appointment and once they are finalised we shall know what role to cast you in. The positions available will be for:

Solo Vocalists who can Dance

Solo Vocalists

Solo Dancers

Dance Teams

Vocal Instrumentalists

Backing Vocalists

Stage Managers

Lighting Technicians

Sound Technicians

Social Media personnel


This project is about a group of young people coming together to perform a selection of hits from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s putting on a show that will be entertain all ages, bringing a modern twist with dance routines and acting and vocal instrumentalist. In short everyone is welcome to apply and we will find room for everyone.


Once everyone is cast in their roles, we shall organise a number of charity shows in order to ensure the show is efficient, then once we competent will start promoting the show on a commercial basis. This is where you will start to receive token income depending on the proceeds of the show. This will be explained to you more fully near the time.


Now is the time to apply and secure your audition for us to proceed and appoint you to a role in the production. If you are reading this and maybe for the first time have found out about the Welsh Factor and wish to take part, apply on line to appear in a first round heat of the competition and you will automatically qualify for a role in this project. Go to the navigation bar if you haven’t apply before and fill in the application form and press submit. We look forward to seeing you all.

Welsh Factor High School of Rock “n” Roll


We can announce a new development with the Welsh Factor that can be offered to Welsh Factor Contestants. This is designed to give you a flavour of working as a professional which no doubt you will become one day. Negotiations have been agreed with our Agency Groups GT Promotions and Artiste Management to provide opportunities to perform with professional entertainers currently engaged by the Agencies. This project will be termed a “soft apprenticeship” and will help you gain more experience, build your confidence and nurture your talent on a gradual basis. You will need a minimum of five songs to take part in this project and they must be learnt by heart without the aid of screens or paper props where you have to refer to the words.


By taking part in this scheme you will get paid expenses for your performance and you can work up to performing a full set over a process of time. This has been put in place to help you build a repertoire of two hours duration eventually for you to perform professionally. For now, you can start to build your set list with a variety of music which must include, ballads, energy songs, musical theatre, rock n roll, country and western, pops and ballads and covers. This scheme will give you incentive to learn more songs and build up your repertoire.


The Preferred List:

Once you have replied to our post on Facebook and inboxed a request to take part in this project you will be placed on our preferred list and offered opportunities on a regular basis to perform a spot at various venues which will take place on a Saturday night. Your appearance will be by arrangement with Management Committees and with professional entertainers who will help and advise you on your performance. If you haven’t “liked” our pages “Welsh Factor Talent Competitions” “Welsh Factor Open Talent Nights” please do so as information is usually channelled through these pages. You also need to follow us on Twitter @gtwelshfactor @welshfactor and @gtpromotions Instagram gt_promotions welsh factor



To take part in this scheme you will receive a telephone call from the Agency to enquire about your availability, If you are available to perform on offered dates you will be “contracted” and a letter of confirmation will be sent to you which will include The Date of the Event, The Name and Address of the Venue, The Arrival Time, The Time of Arrival when you have to be at the Venue, The time when the Entertainment programme will start at the Venue, The Time when the Programme finishes and what we call in the professional terms “the consideration” which will be the agreed fee. Once you have received this confirmation letter by email it signifies you are committed to performing this engagement. In the event of you being unable to perform for reasons of illness or events outside your control you must contact the Telephone Number at the top of the Letterhead immediately. NO TEXTS, NO EMAILS, NO MESSAGES on Social Media platforms IT HAS TO BE A TELEPHONE CALL!!! Cannot stress how important this is.



When you go to the Venue you must respect the People who run the Venue and be polite and courteous to them. Introduce yourself to them and to the Artiste who you will be working with. You need to take your tracks with you on a USB device in the order you intend to perform your songs. You should only perform one song at a time and this will be at the direction of the Artiste who we will brief. Once you have completed your performances you will receive payment from the Artiste unless arrangements have been made otherwise.


How to increase your income:

If you have CD’s to sell at the Venue you can increase your income by selling them at the Venue. IF you don’t have CD’’s you can make one at www.homebrewrecordings.com Give Kevin a ring and make arrangements to book studio time and he will advise you the best way to go about it. You will experience a very friendly atmosphere and will be put at ease.


You would benefit from something along the lines of a 3 hour recording only session, the aim of which is to help select the right songs for your live shows.

Kevin says “During this time you would only do the 'recording' bit, so we could cover about 8 songs. I would be able to assess their vocal ability, ensure the track was in the right key and change the key if required.

Once the tracks were agreed I would also properly master them so volume levels during / between songs didn't vary. This would probably have to be done afterwards. I could also provide the USB stick with the backing tracks fully prepared if they wanted this.

A very important part of this is that they would also be able to hear what they sound like. In addition, and only if required, I would, as I have to do on a very regular basis, guide them away from what they want to sing to the songs that they can sing and songs that would work in the circuit. I would help with any parts of a song they are having difficulty with, etc. etc.

I could also advise on things like 'Stage etiquette', presentation, etc., possibly involving Bev. Between us we have well over 50 years’ experience.

Potentially the 'Recordings' done at this stage could then be carried forward and used for the full CD although this would not be the intention.

So the aim of this session would be to help:

- Select the right balance of songs for their set list.

- Ensure the songs were right for the singer (key, length, volume, tone, etc.)

- Provide guidance on performance, song delivery, interaction with an audience (which I appreciate would vary considerably from person to person), etc., so very important they have some idea of what to say, when to say it, to speak clearly, etc.”


If you have any questions please call me on 07411 279981 as we are here to help you

What you need to go gigging:

Many contestants have said they want to go gigging so we thought we would inform you of what is required to become a professional artiste in the music industry: A word of warning, it is very attractive to take bookings for gigs but never ever go out before you are ready because the professional industry is a very hard industry and if a client feels you don’t come up to the mark, the experience can become very unpleasant indeed. We say this to protect you and ease you into the business very gently.


First things first, you must have a voice coach because if you have no training in looking after your voice you will start to have problems with your throat or vocal chords. Such a setback will cost you a lot of money so it is a big and important investment to ensure your voice which is an instrument is highly maintained.  DON’T SCRIMP ON THIS!


You will have to have at least two hours of material that is you need to know enough songs to entertain an audience for this amount of time. All your songs must be learnt by heart because the professional industry in NOT Karaoke and referring to words on the floor or on a screen is a definite no! If you see anyone doing this they are an amateur. We can also help you design and plan a set list that will be suitable for you.


You must know what to say between songs in order to introduce them and plan what you do. Write out a script for your introduction and learn it off by heart. There is nothing worse than going on stage performing an opening number and say the first thing that comes into your head. This will show nervousness which you want to avoid.


Then you need to acquire Sound Equipment which we can advise you on. We will also teach you how to use it as well. You must know how to use your sound equipment and also your microphone.


You also need to arrange a photoshoot to produce photographs for publicity purposes and also a video showreel so clients can view your footage. In preparing this do speak with your Agent as they will have the ideas to help put it together so it is very effective and works for you.


Your dress sense on stage must be immaculate and you must take your stage clothes with you to change into before you go on stage. If you are perform two spots you will need two changes of stage clothes and if you do three spots you will need three changes of stage clothes. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you go on stage with the same clothes as you walk into the Venue with.


Next you need to get yourself an Agent, Why? Because an Agent will find you work and issue a contract which will protect you in law. There is a culture beginning to develop whereby people will offer you work direct and not go through an Agent. You have to ask yourself why? An Agent will sustain your work (providing you are good) and will organise your diary for you. Not only that, they can open doors and opportunities for you that you never knew existed! They are also a source of wisdom and advice when things go wrong. There are so many other things an Agent can do to maximise your earning potential.


The Welsh Factor has a soft apprenticeship scheme whereby we book you out with seasoned professional for a time window so you will get the necessary experience before you launch your professional career. This is the Welsh Factor way and you will get paid a nominal fee for doing this as well. By the time we launch your professional career you will know exactly what to do when you first step on that stage to the time you come off it.

If you would like to know more please contact us for more details on how to get started 0741127991

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